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Posts tagged: privacy

Jun 14


Will The NSA’s PRISM Scandal Put Your Cloud Sales On Hold?

Many reading this are probably already well aware of the damaging news the super-secretive National Security Agency suffered recently, when details about the NSA’s PRISM program was leaked by former NSA IT contractor, Edward Snowden, who alleged that the agency collects and stores phone records of millions of Americans. Much more hair-raising were the follow-up […]

Jan 29


Healthcare Hits The Skies

The targets are moving again when it comes to helping your customers meet compliance regulations in the healthcare industry. The newest changes to the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accessibility Act’s (HIPAA) privacy, security, enforcement and breach rules are hot off the presses (all 563 pages of them) and included in that documentation are regulations  for […]

Dec 20


Locking Up The Cloud – Beyond Data Security

As one of the leaders in the cloud, Rackspace has amassed an impressive amount of insight on cloud, hosted infrastructure, hosted storage, security and more. The vendor also has one of the most informative blog series I’ve found when it comes to best practices in the cloud. This blog, The Many Faces of Cloud Security, […]

Dec 04


Amazon Agrees: Cloud Customers Must Do Their Part For Security

During the inaugural Amazon Web Services conference held last week, AWS leadership boasted about the vendor’s security record, and its ongoing effort to provide a secure public cloud infrastructure for customers. But that said, Chad Woolf, AWS Director of Rick and Compliance, reminded customers that security is a two-way street during the event. While the […]

Nov 08


Real-Life Cloud – University of Delaware

One of my favorite finds are success stories that showcase real-life experiences with cloud computing (good and bad). In this article from the University of Delaware, the university shares the pros and cons of the impact of cloud on its IT network, namely the use of non-university storage and other cloud resources readily available over […]