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Posts tagged: innovation

Jan 24


CIOs Stuck In Everyday IT Rut

Sometimes it is hard to see the forest for the trees. That old adage rings true with cloud as well, a reality highlighted in a Gartner finding that CIOs are so busy handling everyday IT fires that they are struggling to deploy and manage cloud solutions that could, in reality, help resolve those day-to-day IT […]

Dec 17


Lesson For 2013: Don’t Think Small

I stumbled onto this quirky little column a couple weeks ago, written by Jason Lemkin for CloudAve.com. Jason is the founder and CEO of EchoSign, a SaaS company that was eventually acquired by Adobe, so he understands the mind of a business owner that starts small with goals of going big. His column is about […]

Nov 28


Is Saleforce.com Growth An Indicator of a New Opportunity for the Channel?

Amid ongoing concerns about the economy, at least one industry leader has posted Q3 gains. Salesforce.com announced last week that its Q3 revenue rose 35%, and that it expects a $4 billion run rate in fiscal 2014. Good news, right? Yes, but for more reasons that simply the economy. I think that hidden in those […]

Nov 22


Something To Be Thankful For – Outsourcing On The Rise

On this day when we all stop to give thanks, I have some good news for solution providers, especially those with cloud expertise. According to research from Information Services Group (ISG), the number of global IT services sales with a cloud element has tripled since 2010. In an article from Computer Weekly, the research firm […]

Nov 19


Taking Your SMB Big – Advice From Zappos.com CEO Hsieh

Despite ongoing anxiety about the economic stability of the U.S., a recent survey by Bank of America revealed that SMBs are optimistic about hiring and sales growth next year. More than 1,000 SMBs were polled between September and October, and 54% of those respondents expect revenue to increase in the next 12 months, while 38% […]

Nov 12


Innovation – The Name Of The Winning Game

Now that tempers have cooled a tad, it seems safe to share this article from B2B, an online community focused on sharing news about social media, marketing, and branding – and their impact on the business world. The article, “Five Innovative Social, Mobile, Cloud and Big Data Apps From the us 2012 Election Campaigns,” showcases […]