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The cloud market is expanding at an incredible rate as more customers recognize its extraordinary value. However, negotiating contracts and bringing new cloud services to market to meet ever-increasing demand is a complex, time-consuming and expensive process. Now there’s a better option. Ingram Micro Federation gives Ingram Micro Cloud partners an efficient way to seamlessly expand their cloud solution portfolios – without the need to navigate individual vendor contracts. How? By providing prenegotiated distribution agreements and pricing designed to maximize profit margins. What’s more, you can access a growing catalog of curated cloud solutions with just one Ingram Micro contract.


Launch New Services Faster and More Easily Than Ever Before

With Ingram Micro Federation, it’s easy to add new services to your cloud portfolio. Because we’ve already negotiated distribution agreements with vendors, you can start selling cloud solutions without spending weeks or months trying to secure the contracts. As a partner, you’ll find our standardized ISV contract process helps you scale your business and go to market faster. You’ll also gain access to a growing list of popular cloud solutions, along with a marketing framework that offers direct and indirect go-to-market assets. This streamlines onboarding, enabling you to start selling services in the program immediately.


Reduce Your Operational Costs While Increasing Profits

Offering the latest cloud services independently can be costly. Based on the resources required to negotiate, acquire, market and sell new services, the integration and deployment costs alone can add up to tens of thousands of dollars. Ingram Micro Federation reduces this back-office complexity by managing vendors and increasing the number of cloud solutions you can offer customers. We also drive the technical integrations with vendors and keep them up to date with efficient lifecycle management. Together with Ingram Micro’s operational scale, innovative global ecosystem and deep industry expertise, you’ll have everything you need to transform your business as well as your profits.

Note: You must have Odin Automation Premium to use Ingram Micro Federation.