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Ingram Micro
Cloud Orchestrator

Now you can streamline your cloud workload deployment and management with Ingram Micro Cloud Orchestrator. This solution simplifies the way you build, deploy and manage workloads in public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.


Navigate Cloud Infrastructure Deployment and Management

Ingram Micro Cloud Orchestrator can simplify your cloud initiatives by automating and orchestrating the secure deployment and management of workloads in any public, private, hybrid or multi-cloud environment. You can rapidly build and deploy workloads with automated tools, a library of preconfigured templates and your choice of leading public and private clouds, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, IBM Bluemix, VMware and OpenStack.


Take Advantage of a Wealth of Functionality

Implement your cloud strategy with flexible deployment options that help you migrate quickly or build new workloads in any cloud environment. Cloud Orchestrator not only lets you scale to meet specific workload performance and SLA requirements, it also offers a choice of leading cloud providers and access to cloud management capabilities, including a library of blueprints and an extensive catalog of IaaS services. Together, these advantages can deliver the agility you need to respond more efficiently to fast-changing business needs.

Optimize Cloud Services, Minimize Costs

Cloud Orchestrator delivers important advantages that can help your customers operate their businesses with greater agility.


Log in to a single management console for a unified IaaS management experience.


Offer customers flexible cloud infrastructure options.


Monitor and report on deployed workloads and receive automatic notification of all system events.


Enhance a customers’ IaaS environment cloud by deploying additional services such as backup,data recovery and security.


Create a better customer experience by combining all services in a unified bill with a single support model.

Note: You must have Odin Automation Premium to use Ingram Micro Cloud Orchestrator.