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Aug, 15

IaaS: Building a Successful Cloud Practice from the Ground Up

Building a Cloud practice or adding Cloud services to your existing portfolio is more than just putting another product on your line card. It’s about building a successful practice that will drive revenue for years to come. What are your customers looking for and how can you help them to accomplish their business goals? Join […]


Jul, 15

How to Make Money in the Cloud

Read any number of IT industry studies, reports, and blogs and you’ll find quotes like these: “Escaping the cloud is almost impossible” “Welcome to the new cloud-based IT economy” “Cloud is more disruptive than the change to client/server or the Internet” The hype about cloud is fairly loud, but there are many real-life situations where […]


May, 15


Conquer Inefficient Business Activities with CRM

Most IT solution providers (ITSPs) can vouch for the fact that a normal work day is synonymous with terms like “fast-paced” and “hectic.” One reason successful channel companies are able to thrive in this type of environment is that they learn to work at a high level of efficiency, which entails among other things eliminating redundant […]

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