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Aug 12


IaaS: Building a Successful Cloud Practice from the Ground Up

Building a Cloud practice or adding Cloud services to your existing portfolio is more than just putting another product on your line card. It’s about building a successful practice that will drive revenue for years to come.

What are your customers looking for and how can you help them to accomplish their business goals? Join us for an interactive session to learn more about Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Our discussion will also include public, private and hybrid clouds as well as virtualized and dedicated bare metal servers. Attendees will also learn about self-service and managed infrastructure.

This session will help you position your business to win long-term, high value Cloud deals by enabling you to:

  • Understand key issues driving clients to the Cloud
  • Create targeted Cloud solutions
  • Uncover Cloud opportunities before your competitors do

Register for this session, presented by IBM SoftLayer, and learn more today.