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Dec 08


HIPAA Compliance and VoIP — a Q+A with RingCentral’s Niel Levonius

If you sell backup and disaster recovery (BDR) or other IT solutions to clients in the healthcare vertical you’re well aware of the strict guidelines around protecting personal health information (PHI). With VoIP systems now putting phone conversations on the network, this technology also needs to be encrypted and protected in a healthcare environment. But, does your VoIP vendor support these security requirements?

Niel Levonius, Director of Product Marketing, RingCentral

Niel Levonius, Director of Product Marketing, RingCentral

I recently spoke with Niel Levonius, Director of Product Marketing at RingCentral about this subject. Below is a summary of our conversation, or if you prefer you can check out the audio version of our interview here:

Q: Can you give us a brief overview of RingCentral?

Niel Levonius:  RingCentral is a publicly traded cloud-based communications service provider.

Since 2003, we have been breaking down the communication barriers created by complex on premise PBXs by delivering cloud-based business communications that free people to work the way they want.

Today’s workforce is mobile, distributed and always-on. Delivered on a state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure, our cloud communications solutions are helping more than 300,000 customers thrive in this new world of work.

Q: I understand RingCentral recently released new HIPAA compliant options – Can you briefly explain how your HIPAA version of RingCentral differs from your standard offering?

Niel Levonius:  RingCentral now offers expanded HIPAA compliant options for qualified customers in the healthcare industry.  New security features, including secure voice and data encryption at rest, will increase protection of customer data and help prevent unauthorized access to protected healthcare information.

By offering enhanced security protocols, RingCentral is now able to offer expanded HIPAA compliant options, including the ability to comply with HIPAA Business Associate Agreements for qualified customers.

Q: Who are you targeting with this solution?

Niel Levonius:  Healthcare is a large industry in the United States, an industry that has been traditionally underserved by cloud-based communications providers.

We believe this has provided us with an opportunity to provide differentiated world-class service to the Healthcare Industry. We have developed and are marketing RingCentral’s HIPAA compliant options to healthcare providers and related businesses that may be regulated by HIPAA.

Q: How does your version of HIPAA compliance differentiate you from your competitors?

Niel Levonius:  A majority of our competition in the cloud-based business communications market does not offer HIPAA compliant solutions. By offering the previously mentioned secured voice and data encryption at rest capabilities, we have set ourselves apart from other more horizontally focused companies in the cloud communications business.

Additionally, RingCentral has completed a HIPAA risk assessment by a third-party and can provide customers a report documenting the results of our solution.

Q: When when will these HIPAA compliant options be available and where can VARs and MSPs get more information?

Niel Levonius:  Our HIPAA compliant options are available now for qualified customers.  I’ll be hosting a webinar on December 18th to expand on RingCentral’s HIPAA offering.  All attendees will have a chance to win a Fitbit. IT solution providers interested in learning more about this offering can find more information here, or they can contact the Ingram Micro Cloud Services team at 800-705-7057, option 5, or by email at cloud.communication@ingrammicro.com.