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Sep 28


6 Tips for Making Great IT Sales Hiring Decisions

If you’ve ever made a bad hiring decision and had to fix a problem caused by an employee’s incompetence or poor attitude, you can attest to the fact that who you hire plays a big role in your success — and peace of mind.

When it comes to hiring IT salespeople, VanGuard Technologies‘ President Matthew Adkins has learned several important lessons on this topic over the past 11+ years, which he shared with me recently. The bottom line for Adkins is that business owners/hiring managers need to get to the “why” of the situation. Specifically:

  1. WHY sales?
  2. WHY IT sales?
  3. WHY my company?
A must-read before hiring your next IT salesperson.

A must-read before hiring your next IT salesperson, says Matthew Adkins, President, VanGuard Technologies.

Additionally, Adkins offers the following six tips that will help any IT service provider make better IT sales hiring decisions:

1. Read up on federal and state laws about the interviewing process and what questions you can and cannot ask (I took an HR class for business owners at a local college).

2. Give them 3 minutes to prepare a sales pitch for some product you sell or give them your sales PowerPoint to present cold to your staff.

3. Ask them hard, tough questions to see how they handle them.

4. Check to see if candidates did their homework – if they didn’t memorize your website, Facebook page, and Twitter before they came in (bonus points for knowing I was on the cover of Business Solutions magazine, and I’m a server at my church) then they probably won’t do it for a prospect.

5. I don’t hire salespeople on commission only, and I don’t hire them on a huge base/small commission. Which reminds me – anyone hiring a salesperson should learn about compensation plans and have one figured out before beginning any interviews. If you don’t have a sales compensation plan inked out you are not ready to hire – trust me on this.

6. I recommend every organization leader read the book “EntreLeadership” by Dave Ramsey before hiring anyone.