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Sep 19


An MSP’s U-turn From Failure to Double-Digit Profits

A lot of IT service provider business success stories  can be summarized like this: “We were good, now we’re great, let me tell you why.” A conversation with VanGuard Technologies‘ President Matthew Adkins definitely does not follow that format — thankfully. Adkins shared with me recently that when the U.S. recession hit seven years ago, his company got painfully close to shutting its doors. In fact, Adkins was just four months away from closing down his business when he acted upon an email invite to attend an ASCII event focused on managed services. In the middle of the night, he drove from his home in Toledo, Ohio to the event, which was in Chicago.

Matthew Adkins, President, VanGuard Technologies

Matthew Adkins, President, VanGuard Technologies

One of the most important training sessions Adkins attended at the event was on the topic of PSA (professional services automation) and the value of automating his business processes.

“Up to that point, we used sticky notes and email to track IT projects and customer service requests. We were struggling to follow-up with customer requests in a timely fashion, and our billing procedures were haphazard.”

Shortly after the training session, Adkins investigated various PSA offerings and selected Autotask. Realizing he didn’t have the luxury of easing into the new solution, Adkins recalls his strategy for ensuring the PSA tool would be a top priority. “I told my engineers that every project gets entered into the PSA portal or we die,” he says.

VanGuard’s dramatic turnaround began just two months after it started using a PSA. You can find out which other changes it made that helped it get out of the red and into double-digit growth and profitability by reading, “Saved By Managed Services.”