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Mar 26


How vCloud Hybrid Service is Different: 10 Cloud Capabilities on vCloud Hybrid Service that don’t Exist on AWS

By Mathew Lodge, Vice President, VMware Cloud Services Product Marketing and Management

With vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS), we’re firmly focused on solving enterprise customer cloud problems – especially making the transition from today’s investments in apps and data to a cloud future as easy as possible. And that means building a different kind of cloud – those that matter to enterprises. To make that very concrete for those familiar with Amazon Web Services (AWS), here are 10 things in vCHS to make that transition easier that you can’t do in AWS.

1. Free automatic availability monitoring and fast VM restart
2. Free automatic proactive performance management
3. Non-distrputive maintenance
4. Create a VM of any size
5. Resize a VM or disk while it’s running
6. Get strong I/O performance as standard, with no clever tricks
7. Higher performance disk without paying for provisioned IOPs
8. Bring your own VM without conversion, with full app vendor support
9. use the managment tools you already have
10. Stretched layer 2 networks between data center and vCHS

All of these capabilities are designed to make it easier to run today and tomorrow’s applications with high performance and high resiliency. There’s no reason going to the cloud should mean a wholesale re-architecture where you take on the burden of implementing and managing those.

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