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Jul 30


3 Ways Handling HR Yourself Hurts Your MSP Practice

Whether you’re a VAR, MSP, or CSB (cloud services broker), there’s a good chance that part of your success comes from being your customers’ outsourced IT departments. With that said, how could you ever conceive of turning the hiring process over to a staffing agency or some other outside firm? While it may seem that having full control over your HR decisions is the better choice for you and your customers, consider the following counterpoints made by John Redman, manager of professional services operations at Ingram Micro in his latest article, Don’t Let an IT Staffing Shortage Stunt Your Business Growth. Redman challenges resellers to ask themselves whether any of the following three scenarios apply to them:

1. Underutilized Technicians. You hired additional technicians in anticipation of winning a couple of big contracts, but then those contracts fell through and now you’re overstaffed, trying to find meaningful tasks and projects for your techs to do and prolonging an inevitable layoff.

2. Poor Hiring Decisions. The majority of your sales reps and engineers are productive and nice to work with, but then there’s always that one person who you now realize just wasn’t a fit for your company. Maybe it’s a technician who thinks he knows everything and doesn’t work well with others. Perhaps you have a sales rep that just isn’t able to sell subscription-based IT services. Whatever the case may be, getting rid of a poor performer is becoming more and more difficult in today’s litigious work environment.

3. Missing Certifications. You finally landed that big project you’ve been nurturing for several months, but now there’s just one problem: This project requires the skill of three Cisco-certified engineers and you only have one. Plus, you really don’t have the expertise in this client’s markets that your salesperson sold them on. What do you do — fake it or fess up?

Redman’s point is that each of these common ‘What if?’ scenarios can be prevented (or resolved) by using Ingram Micro Professional Services, a complete portfolio of services covering IT planning, implementation, management, and support. Ingram Micro vets all IT service and support personnel before placing them with your customers, so you can have full assurance that the person sent to support your customers has the right skills, certifications and personality to work with your customers.