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Jun 28


Do You Know These Secrets For Selling Cloud Services?

It’s hard to deny the fact that more and more of the on-premise IT infrastructure solutions and services you’re selling your clients today will someday (read: soon) move to the cloud. Yet, many VARs and MSPs see the cloud as more of a competitor rather than a new business opportunity, and they struggle with how to make money selling cloud services.

In his latest thought leadership article with media partner Business Solutions, Rob Merklinger, VP of sales at Intronis, recognizes this struggle happening right now within the channel and offers five practical tips that get to the heart of this important issue, including:

  1. Find a Cloud Provider You Trust. Merklinger outlines the most important criteria to consider when choosing a data center to house your customer’s data and provides a practical litmus test to confirm your choice.
  2. Address Data Ownership Upfront. This tip is geared to any MSP that’s ever lost a deal to a “cheaper cloud alternative.” Follow Merklinger’s advice and cloud price comparisons will become a secondary importance to your clients.
  3. Don’t Take Data Encryption for Granted. With the latest research from the Ponemon Institute showing that less than one-third of organizations encrypt their sensitive data, this step is a sure way to differentiate your offering and provide your customers with the protection they need.
  4. Provide a Cloud Cost Analysis. Here’s a recipe you can follow to help your customer’s accurately compare the cost of using on-premise IT hardware and software with operating their IT in the cloud.
  5. Demonstrate Data Recoverability. Merklinger’s final tip entails showing your customers how quickly you can recover their data and using this information to further distinguish your company from “cheaper” alternatives.

Be sure to check out “5 Tips For Successfully Selling Cloud Services” today and discover new ways to profit from selling cloud solutions and services.