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Jun 21


Why Partnering With Other VARs/MSPs Doesn’t Have To Be A Deal Breaker

Even if your close friends don’t describe you as a “perfectionist” or “control freak,” there’s a chance you could have this — or similar — reaction to the question I sometimes ask resellers about partnering with other VARs or MSPs to help with large projects: “No way. Not us. It’s just not worth it.”

There are some resellers that would actually turn down a project that was too large for them to handle on their own rather than bringing in another VAR/MSP into a deal that could harm the customer relationship or even lead to the other reseller stealing the customer away.

If you’ve been personally burned by this experience in the past, consider all the possible reasons the attempted partnership may have failed:

1. You didn’t have a legally binding contract in place that prevented the other company from stealing your customer (i.e. a non-compete agreement).

2. You took for granted the other VAR/MSP had the skills they said they did based on what they told you without verifying their competency ahead of time.

3. You never checked references to confirm that the partner could conduct itself as professionally with customers as your own employees.

Some of you might be thinking: “In the time it would have taken me to do all that, I could have completed their share of the project myself.” I completely agree. The fact is that very few VARs and MSPs have the resources available in-house to pull off all the due diligence steps that go into forming successful partnerships. Fortunately, there’s another option that you may not have considered, that’s less time-consuming and more effective: using a resource like Ingram Micro’s IM Link, which is a service platform designed for channel companies to remove the barriers to forming partnerships with other resellers and It Service providers. John Redman, Manager of Professional Services Operations at Ingram Micro, best sums up this program in his recent article titled: 3 Safeguards To Help Overcome Your Partnering Objections.