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Mar 20


Come visit Ingram Micro’s First Data Center provider at Cloud Summit 2013!

With an 800% growth in data over the next five years, and cloud adoption broadly discussed across the majority of enterprise users, scalability and flexibility are more important than ever.   Cloud delivery has taken many different forms and from an infrastructure standpoint, colocation providers are being asked to provide new and unique delivery methods from a power, space, and connectivity perspective.

CyrusOne’s trademarked, Sky for the Cloud, ushers in a new era of data center requirements. We put fault-tolerant power, managing peak demand energy efficiency, redundant cooling, overnight scalability and of course, high connectivity between cloud sites, at your fingertips.

Fred Holloway, VP of Channel Sales at CyrusOne, will be the speaker highlighting these points.

Also during this session, hear why Ingram Micro chose CyrusOne as the First data center provider and how to drive a new form of annuity revenue by leveraging our unique non-compete service offering.