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Nov 08


Real-Life Cloud – University of Delaware

One of my favorite finds are success stories that showcase real-life experiences with cloud computing (good and bad). In this article from the University of Delaware, the university shares the pros and cons of the impact of cloud on its IT network, namely the use of non-university storage and other cloud resources readily available over the Web.

As a public entity, the university is subject to a myriad of regulatory issues, including the privacy of its students’ data. In the article, the university tackles two goals – educating its internal audience (“Before storing or processing University information in the cloud, it is important for UD employees to consider the potential impact that putting that information in the cloud could have on the University’s operations, ability to comply with legal regulations, and protection of privacy.”) and its external constituents (“Before putting University information in the cloud, it is essential to determine whether the information will be adequately protected. For confidential and official use only (OUO) information the click-through terms and conditions will not suffice. Contractual assurances and documentation of the cloud vendor’s security protocols may be necessary to meet sensitive or critical information’s protection requirements.”)

If you are working with higher education clients, this short write-up might hold some valuable insight. Check it out!